Czech Brass Band Style Inventory

(This list is not all-inclusive)

The Czech brass-band style of music primarily has come direct from the Czech and Slovak lands recently. There's no mistaking the E-flat clarinet on top, and the alternation between trumpets and smooth tenor lines with brass rhythm in the background. The band has acquired a great deal of original music from "The Old Country" through the friendship and kind courtesy of Ladislav Kubes in Prague. Mr. Kubes operates what is probably the finest Czech brass band in the world, Veselka which has toured the United States several times. Through a mutual friendship, Czech Plus Band is the only band in the United States to play the original works of this great European musician. Several additional friends in "The Old Country" have also helped the Czech Plus library grow. Czech Plus Band has a large collection of pieces by the great Czech brass band composer, Frantisek Kmoch. Additionally, Arthur, Walter and Peter Drahozal and James Vanourny (Czech Plus musicians) have arranged numerous brass-band style "specials" (arranged specifically for this particular band).

Az se budem Brat

Black Gypsy Waltz

Blue Eyes (Modra Kukadla) Polka

Borkovicka Polka (Polka from Borkovic)

Bosilecky Valcik (Waltz from Bosilec)

Brnensky Kvapik

Budem Vzpominat

Bydzovsky Valcik

Bylo to Jedenkrat v Nedeli (It Happened on a Sunday)

Bzum, Bzum, Bzum

Cikanko ty Krasna Tango (PAD Arr.)

Ctyri Pary Bilejch Koni (White Horses) Polka

Czech Plus Polka

Deer Waltz


Estradni (Esther's Favorite)

Faded Rose (Zvadla Ruze) Waltz

Green Meadows (Louka Zelena) Waltz

Haja, Haja Polka

Horalka (Girl from the Mountains)

Hradistanka (Girl from the Castle)

Jarni Sen (Spring Dream)

Jihoceske Vesnice (Southern Czech Villages)

Katerina (Katherine) Polka

Kde jsi me Mladi (Where is My Youth) Waltz

Luzanska (On the River, Luz)

Mamincina-Sousedska (Mother's Favorite)

Mlade Chase

Modra Kukadla

Moje Ceska Vlast

Muj Deda Polka

Na Brehu Jezera (On the Bank of the Lake)

Na Javorine (In the Maple Tree Forest)

Na Privitanou! (Welcome!)

Na Vlachovce (At the Inn) Polka

Na Vlnach (On the Waves)

Nad Luznici Svita (Sunrise Above the Luz)

Netolick· Polka

Od Tabora az k Nam (From the Campground)

Orphan (Sirotek)Waltz (PAD Arr.)

Play it Again! (Zmackni to Kapelo) Polka

Po Letech

Polka Domova (Polka for the Homefolks)

Praha je Krasna (Tango)


Pro Veselku

Sadovanka (Band in the Orchard)

Sixtieth, the Polka

Sobulecka (Polka from Sobulec)

Sokol Nazdar! (Smes)

Song of Bohemia (Pisnick· Cesk·)

Song of the Meadowlark Polka

Spadl Listek z Javora (Maple Leaf Medley)

Stale Mej Me Rad (Continue to Love Me)

Strananka (My Country Girl)

Ta Ceska Muzika (Theme)

Tece Voda (Where the Water Flows)

V Tichem Hajecku (Peaceful Woods)

Vcera Jsem Byl u Muziky (Yesterday I Was At the Dance)

Vesela Polka

Veselacka (Happy Girl)

Vesele Trumpety (Happy Trumpets)

Veseli Bratri (Happy Brothers)

Veselka Polka (Wedding-Day Polka)

Vic Uz Nic (No More)

Z Jicinskeho Kraje


Zelena se Zelena Polka

Zvadla Ruze (Faded Rose)

Zvon V Dali Zni

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