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Greetings from Czech Plus Band

(Authentic Czech music (Blasorchester / Dechovka)

Since 1978 - 41 years of Czech music... PLUS

Welcome to the website for Czech Plus Band! The Czech Plus Band calls The Czech Village home in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Czech Plus is a true Czech / Slovak brass band -proud to identify with and emulate the fine traditions of European bands. We have the proper instrumentation and orchestration- to do our mission- we're not just a pared down ensemble. We do not sacrifice our size nor sell out the traditional sound as the years go by. We believe that performing true, traditional quality Czech band music requires a number of humans with horns playing skillfully crafted arrangements- not fancy, schmaltzy electronic effects. That is why we are the first Y2K compatible polka band (the power plug is optional). When we play, you hear predominantly polkas, waltzes, schottisches, tangos and similar ethnic dances. Unlike many bands, we are what we say we are. If you want predominantly two-steps, foxtrots and country tunes all night (mind you- there's nothing wrong with that), you probably should look elsewhere (we do have those other styles in our library- they just don't predominate our time).  A short story of Czech Plus Band explains how the band formed and some activities of the group.

Some may recall our designation as the "Three President's Band" , but...where did this designation come from? Perhaps a bit of history will help. Cedar Rapids, Iowa- the home of Czech Plus Band- is also home to a large Czech and Slovak population. In the fall of 1995, the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library was dedicated. President Bill Clinton (USA), President Vaclav Havel (Czech Republic) and President Michal Kovac (Slovak Republic) spoke at the ceremony...and Czech Plus Band performed.

Thus Czech Plus Band's moniker- "The Band of Three Presidents."
Then the devastating floods of 2008 came and all but destroyed the museum. With a monumental herculean effort, the grand museum was actually lifted and moved up the hill to high ground.

After this historic moving of the entire museum, Czech Plus was there to re-dedicate the museum in 2012! Frantisek Kmoch would have loved it!

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Thank you for your interest in Czech Plus Band. "Let your heart dance."  We hope to hear from you soon.  Na shledanou!